A brief history of Durham City Cannabis Club

A brief history of Durham City Cannabis Club

DCCC was founded on July 1st 2016 following the Product Earth expo in Peterborough.

Our founder attended the event and subsequent met many of the inspiring people and like minded individuals who've been in the cannabis activism scene for many years fighting to highlight the injustices, speak the truth about cannabis and work towards the relegalisation of cannabis here in the UK.

Having discovered the existence of the UKCSC ( (United Kingdom Cannabis Social club) and speaking to its founder and other club administrators our chairman decided to found DCCC just a week later.

The early days of the club was focused on designing the clubs first main logo, setting up our social media and researching and contacting other clubs and activists to find out what they were up to on the local and national level to see how DCCC should go about conducting its activism work and develop as a club.

Following a meeting with several other local clubs it was decided that DCCC would invest its time building a network and a large social media base, later working to host our first major event!

We organised several of the North East clubs into working together on a joint venture!
Together organising Durham's first and now annual 420 protest ( event at Hemp Gardens (!

The clubs logo was updated to the now more familiar insignia made up of the cities flag and colours plus a cannabis leaf in the centre paying homage to the UKCSC. The logo also features the rod of Aesculapius superimposed on top of it. The symbol is a serpent-entwined rod which was wielded by the Greek god Asclepius (, a deity associated with healing and medicine.

                Old style                        New style

We attended the UKCSC's annual AGM in Leicester in early November 2016 ( and met many of the admins of clubs from up and down the country.

Unfortunately and some what ironically we lost our Facebook page and had to start again! The response from the community has been awesome, at the time of writing this its about to pass 2,000!

This temporary setback meant that January and February was spent rebuilding our presence on social media. In March we worked to get three other local clubs together to organise Durham's first and now annual 420 event!

2017 has been a great year for the club. We have hosted our first series of protestival and educational events throughout 2017 following on from the success of 420.

⦁ DCCC Springtime Session (Link to website write up)
⦁ DCCC presents June Bloom (Link to website write up)
⦁ DCCC presents July High (Link to website write up)
⦁ DCCC presents All out August (Link to website write up)
⦁ DCCC Autumn Session (Link to website write up)

⦁ Check mate Prohibition (
⦁ Check mate Prohibition 2 (

We are working to secure an indoor venue for talks, debates, film screenings and book signings in 2018.

We'll also be hosting a second series of protestival events in 2018 too!

⦁ DCCC Springtime Session on March 24th (
⦁ Durham 420 April 20th (
⦁ DCCC presents "Mayday, we need reform" May 19th (
⦁ DCCC presents June Bloom Part deux! June 24th (
⦁ DCCC presents July High 2 July 21st (
⦁ DCCC presents All Out August August 24th (
⦁ DCCC Autumn Session 

With more educational and none consumption events to be added.

The website was launched in January 2018 along with the shop. Which sells club merchandise including:

⦁ Our club t-shirts which are 100% organic cotton produced in partnership with THTC (The Hemp T-shirt Company)
⦁ Club logo Mugs
⦁ Airtainer 3 piece storage and grinder
⦁ Club logo Beanies
⦁ Sticker packs

Much more to be added soon including products from affiliates and businesses that echo our ethos as a club.

DCCC are rather excited about 2018, We are looking to finally launch our memberships! It will be limited at first with only a small number of members being signed up but then rolled out further.

We are looking to acquire a location to open the club until then we will be continuing on with the same passion and motivation that has driven us to where we are today.

We'll be, as always expending all our energy and effort on working towards the relegalisation of cannabis in the UK.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us and helped us to grow and develop as a club and a movement so far, we have so much more planned for the future!

Keep an eye on the website and our social media for updates and information about the club.