DCCC Weekly Blog #3

Welcome back to the DCCC weekly blog!

Its been a some what of a quiet week as our chairman has been off dealing with some personal business.

We've nevertheless still been working hard organising our first event of 2018, The

DCCC Springtime Session  which takes place at Hemp Gardens in Durham on March 24th

Image: DCCC Springtime Session flyer

We're excited to announce the first round of stalls for the Springtime Session.

With more to be announced soon!

The DCCC shop, which should be up and running next week. Is starting to take shape. You'll soon be able to proudly support DCCC by sporting official club merchandise such as DCCC beanie hats and our 100% Organic cotton t-shirts made in partnership with THTC

Image: DCCC THTC club t-shirts

Planning has commenced for Durham's second annual 420  It falls on a Friday this year which means there'll be quite a large crowd and plenty of stalls, speakers and live entertainment! Make sure that you're watching our live stream videos to hear announcements first!

This week has also seen us make contact with Durham County Council and we are hoping to secure a face to face meeting soon to discuss the Hemp Gardens project and DCCC's continued use of the derelict site and the future club house opening up in the city.

Image: Hemp Gardens, Durham

We're still deciding on the final design for our supporter membership cards, which will be available from March at the DCCC Springtime Session and we've also begun work on the templates for our first series of educational flyers which will explain in clear and simple terms what the Endocannabinoid system is, how it works and why we all should be ingesting it to stave off Endocannabinoid deficiency  which is linked to poor health!

Thanks for stopping by and as always Stay High!